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Why us?
Professional Practice of Guidelines
Client Chapter
Code of Ethics


We expect to GO TO MARKET to identify candidates who meet or come close to meeting the agreed criteria. Such candidates may not necessarily be looking for a change. Our database is used but success usually comes from our professional targeted research and good networking, including the use of selective social network platforms.


Throughout the process we expect to keep clients well informed of progress and we may submit details of a candidateˇ¦s profile in advance to sense check that we are on the right track. One of our qualified consultants will be designated to take the Project Ownerˇ¦s role in managing the assignment and all communications with the client specifically.

Search Methodology
  • Database Searching
  • Direct Approach
  • Referrals & Connections
  • Recruiting at multiples platforms and media
  • Networking
Stage I : Searching & Placement
Week 1 ˇV Week 2
Search and screen prospective candidates
Week 3 ˇV Week 4 Carry out interviews. Initial background check. Candidacy Report preparation (candidateˇ¦s profile and interview report)
Arrange and coordinate client interviews
Week 5 ˇV Week 6 Assist in candidate selection Detailed reference check and employment contract negotiation as and when required
Completion of Search Assignment

Psychometric test if required. This is outsourced
Stage II : Follow up
The first 3 month Probation Period Follow up
The first 6 month Interim Period Follow up
The first 12 month Annual Follow up
Talents Acquisition
Talents Engagement
Talents Development & Mgt
Organization Development

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